Flat Dieboards
Exact Board flat die board
Manufactured using premium hand-picked Birch boards and a proprietary coating process sealing all surfaces. This process creates an extremely stable board, perfect for jobs that require the use of milled thin-plates, like our EP PowerPlate. The Exact Board is available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors for each unique project need. (Exact Board Specs)
RayForm DuraCore flat die board
Extremely strong, flat and stable dieboard made from high strength thermoset resins that can be re-knifed many times. Unaffected by heat it is a long lasting, high speed dieboard ideal for long runs, thermal diecutting, gasket dies and other close tolerance dies running with steel counters. (More Information) (Rayform Duracore Specs)
RayForm PolyCore hybrid flat die board
This Rayform/birch hybrid shares many of the characteristics of Dura-Core. This is lighter in weight but still provides a strong, stable, long lasting die that can be re-knifed over and over. Because of its strength and resilience it is also an ideal board for blanking and stripping applications. (More Information)
RayForm DuraPly die boards
Constructed with Rayform faces and birch cores, DuraPly exceeds maple and birch for flatness, stability and strength at a reasonable price, making this an excellent choice for all your super high speed diecutting applications matched against steel counters. Like all Rayform products it can be re-knifed several times before significant slot wear. (More Information)
RayForm Klean Kerf die boards
Klean Kerf was made specifically to fit the needs of the various router bit dieboard manufacturing systems. The Rayform face has been specially formulated to have the same cut and clean characteristics of a wood dieboard but the rule holding power of Rayform DuraCore. Klean Kerf can also be re-knifed many times for long runs. (More Information)
Essential Products Premium Plus Maple dieboard
This is our strongest natural wood dieboard featuring hard maple faces with alternating hard and soft maple inner plies. Excellent for stability, reknifing and rule holding power for your daily production dies.
Premium Euro Birch dieboard
Produced at one of the finest European mills these boards will answer all your basic flat dieboard needs.


Premium Coated Euro Birch
We cover our Premium Euro Birch with multiple coats of an acrylic or melamine coating which holds up extremely well when used as a stripper or when stability in a dieboard is necessary.


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